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Gambar Puteri Sarah Liyana Minum Arak

Posted on: November 6, 2008

What the heck is happening to this actress? Once she was caught doing hot pose with her boyfriend(you can search for the picture here), now once again she is caught drinking beer. Gambar Puteri Sarah Liyana minum arak is trully a shock to me.

Even if your lead a social life, drink beer, go to pub, disco or whatever else, please don’t take picture and be proud of doing it. Especially when you are a popular artis like Puteri Sarah Liyana. Now that these kind of pictures are circulating in the Internet, it will only damage your reputation.

For your information, Puteri Sarah Liyana is the heroin of Aduh Saliha The Movie featuring Mawi.


2 Responses to "Gambar Puteri Sarah Liyana Minum Arak"

yg kwn c sarah ni pun dlu pgacara rncgn knk2 xsilpa kids hour, tp xingt nama.aku ingtkan dia ni ok rupanya sekutu dgn c sarah yg liar dan da rosak tu.sama2la mrka mnum tu.nmpk pun mcm gedik2.

cm xde didikan agma je org cmni..

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