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Memey Suhaiza Pictures After Caught With Norman Hakim

Posted on: November 3, 2008

After denying the rumours with Memey Suhaiza, the 20 years old hot Malay artist, finally Norman Hakim has been caught with the beautiful lady in his office. For now there is no “gambar bogel Memey Suhaiza” with Norman Hakim but I would like to share with you the beauty of this actress.

No wonder Norman Hakim has the courage to “ditangkap basah @ khalwat” with Memey. She’s stunning, beautiful and most importantly, YOUNG. Here are 2 pictures of Memey Suhaiza.


2 Responses to "Memey Suhaiza Pictures After Caught With Norman Hakim"

tolong settle kn problem korang secepat yg mungkin….

eh…tlgla.. ko org ke-3,sdr diri sket.. x malu ke 1 m’sia taw ko nk rampas laki org.. patu, yg lg best,statement ko tu macam ko bangga sgt kes ni.. yg norman ni plak, pahal lah gatal sgt..??? dh la x ngaku ko de skandal awl2. ni ble dh jelas sgt pn still try nk mengelak…

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