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Gambar Seksi Linda Jasmine

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Linda Jasmine or better known as the dancer trainer for Akademi Fantasia students has been caught very sexy during an annual dinner of a company.

This hot mum should be careful not to wear this kind of clothing that showed some part of her breast/buah dada. It’s kind of irritating to see an old woman with her boobies.

Recently Linda Jasmine gossip with the young actor(I forgot his name) has been circulating. I can see why the young actor so eager to get marry with Linda Jasmine after seeing the picture below.

In the future I hope there will not be anymore gambar seksi Linda Jasmine or any other Malaysia woman artist. It is time to sell the talent, not the face or sexy body anymore.


5 Responses to "Gambar Seksi Linda Jasmine"

pelakon tu ialah que haidar laaa

Tak fresh lagilah..

Yg tertonjol tu nampak tak seimbang dah

linda ni x pike perasaan anak dia time pakai baju ni..
malulah ank dia dgn kwn2 dia..

que dgn linda? hahahahahaha…sian ank linda dpt ayah tiri yg pangkat cm abg dia je..

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