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Gambar Aksi Cium Puteri Sarah Liyana

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Another hot story in Malaysia artis world. Puteri Sarah Liyana who will feature in Aduh Saliha with Mawi has been caught photographed with her boyfriend kissing each other. Gambar 18sx Puteri Sarah Liyana ini memang telah menggemparkan dunia artis Malaysia.

Hopefully her boyfriend is a Malay because he does look like a Bangladesh to me. What a pity for a beautiful, sexy and young Malaysia artist to be a Bangla’s girlfriend. What more scarier is how does we suppose to look up for artist as a role model after pictures like this?

No wonder there are a lot of Melayu Boleh 3gp, video 3gp kelapa sawit and everything else that related to sexual in Malaysia nowadays. The technology has provided a platform for Malaysian to showcase their talent anywhere and anytime.

Enjoy these hot pictures of Puteri Sarah Liyana below. All pictures are taken from SkyCrewz.


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what the heck happen to all rite now??

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